2019  Colorado Trophy Hunts

Premier Southern Colorado Private Land  Rifle & Archery Trophy Elk
Fully Guided 2 on 1 Full Service Hunts

​Southern Colorado ranks at the top for consistently producing older higher scoring bull elk “especially on private land.” Our exclusive leases have the elk densities, bull/cow ratios and age ratios that are the key factors in producing genuine opportunities on trophy class bull elk!

Pre Rut Archery Trophy Elk

These are 6 day hunts with additional days available in camp at 1/2 the daily rate at your election. You will be surprised at how much bugling activity you will experience during this pre rut bow season, especially at good water sources from tree stands and ground blinds with 20 to 30 yd. shooting range. Aug. 31-Sept. 5 or Sept. 7-12. $6,250 each.

Full Rut Archery Trophy Elk

​The older bulls are starting the gathering process and very anxious to run off younger bulls and take over the cows. We will close the distance “silently” on bugling herd bulls and set up at the best vantage point to call the bull into bow range.  Sept. 14-20 or Sept. 23-29,  7 day hunt, $7,250 each.

Rifle Trophy Elk

1st Rifle, Elk Only, Oct. 12-16, $8,250, 5 day season

The herd bulls are still running with the cows with good second estrus breeding and bugling activity. One of the few hunts that rifle hunters can get the first crack at bugling bulls!

Rifle Combo Trophy Elk & Mule Deer 5 day hunts

Oct. 19-23 – Nov. 2-6 $7,250 “No Deer Kill Fee”

Rifle Elk Oct. 24-27 or Nov. 7-10 4 day hunt $4,500

Mule Deer may also be taken on these 4 day hunts for an additional $1,000 kill fee.

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