Guaranteed Rifle Trophy Elk 2021


Colorado “Guaranteed Rifle Trophy Elk”
Fully Guided Hunt


Hunt November 24-28

Many of the largest high scoring bulls are taken on the later hunts after the older bulls leave the cow herds usually by late October. These lone and bachelor group bulls move into the lower to mid elevation isolated areas to build back fat reserves after the rut. This is strictly a fair chase spot and stalk hunt with shooting ranges usually from 200 to 400 yards. We are very confident in our abilities and the quality and potential our private ranches offer the serious hunter for trophy bull elk opportunities.

Our Guarantee: If you do not have a reasonable shooting opportunity on a mature bull, as agreed by you and your guide, You will receive a 25% hunt credit AND we will buy your elk license on a future hunt.

2021 Hunt Price: 2 on 1 guide $5,700 or 1 on 1 Guide $6,500

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