Hunters Checklist: New Mexico


We can reach base camp with 4WD’s on all hunts, you won’t be limited in the amount of gear you can bring.  For Rifle hunts, long underwear, light and heavy gloves, jacket or parka, (Down, Gortex or Hollowfill).  Good boots well broken in, either 1 pair of waterproof leather insulated walking boots or 1 pair of waterproof insulated Gortex boots and several pairs of socks.  Optional:  1 extra pair of boots or camp shoe.  You must be versatile in your clothing, as we can have temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s in October, but it also wouldn’t be abnormal to have blizzard conditions.  November is more predictable and cold with some snow is usually the rule.  For Colorado Rifle hunts only, 500 sq. inch Blaze Orange (hat and vest) required. For all Archery hunts Camouflage clothing is preferred such as: All purpose Real Tree (green and brown), Mossy Oak, Woodland or Military. SLEEPING BAG NOT REQUIRED!


Scope sighted rifle with scope covers. Your elk rifle should be sighted in at least 2 inches high at 100 yards or dead on at 200 to 250 yards. Bring the rifle or rifles you shoot best. Magnums are good if you shoot them well and often. Your standard caliber rifle will also do the job on elk if you use premium controlled expansion bullets such as Nosler partition, Barns X, Trophy Bonded, Speer Grand Slam, Swift A Frame, Winchester Fail Safe or equivalent.

RECOMMENDED WTS. (For Combo Elk and Deer)

(6mm. Cal. 100 grain bt.)                      (25 cal. 120 grain bt.)                  (6.5 cal. 125-140 grain bt.)
(270 – 120 – 140 grain bt. For deer, 140 – 150 grain bt. Combo elk & deer).
(7 x 57, 7 mo8, .284 Win., 280 Rem., 7 Mag. 130 – 150 grain bt., for deer.  150 – 160 grain bt. For Combo elk & deer)
(.308, and 30.06 – 140 – 165 grain bt. for deer.                 165 – 180 grain bt.


(.270 150 – 160 gr. Bt.)                                          (7mm’s standard or mag. 160 – 175 gr. bt.)
(30 cal. Standard or mag., 180 – 200 gr.)                                       (.338 mag. 200 – 230 gr. bt)

The most important thing is good lung shooting with premium bullets.  You will also need binoculars, a knife, a compass, small flashlight and canteen (optional: small Thermos bottle).  Feel free to bring any useful and practical gear that you have used on past western rifle or archery hunting trips.

Archery Hunts:  For all of our Colorado Archery hunts, weather conditions are fairly predictable and usually mild / warm and sometimes hot with occasional rain showers.  Lightweight camo clothing is best along with a medium weight jacket for on and off use in the field.  Lightweight daypacks or fanny packs are recommended for both archery and rifle hunts.  Feel free to bring any useful items and equipment that you have used on previous archery hunts as most archery hunting gear will be appropriate for western archery hunting.

Broadheads: “No broadhead will be effective for penetrating elk shoulder blades.  We cannot recover shoulder shot elk.”  Therefore, use whatever broadhead flies the best for you, (including good mechanicals) as nothing works in the shoulder and most anything will work in the rib cage and high percentage rib cage shots spells successful recovery of bull elk.