Special 2020 Guaranteed New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunt

We are now booking a very limited number of hunters for these 2020 Archery & Rifle New Mexico Trophy Elk Hunts. These hunts will take place on “Private land only and are strictly Fair Chase.” Most of these ranches only receive 1 to 3 elk permits and the permit allotment is based on the current Game and Fish survey and evaluation of elk usage on the ranch. These ranches are not listed on any landowner list. The ranches we will hunt have very little if any elk hunting pressure and are not commercialized at all, which is a major factor in killing exceptional bulls, “without the extreme pricing that is common in many overly commercialized NM areas.”

We are 100% confident that you will have the opportunity to take a 340 or better bull with high potential for higher scoring bulls. We will only hunt ranches with confirmed elk and herd bull presence. Obviously, no one can guarantee that you will kill a trophy bull on a fair chase hunt, but we will guarantee that you will have the opportunity!

Our Guarantee!If you do not have a reasonable shooting opportunity (as mutually agreed by you and your guide) at a bull that is estimated to have a minimum SCI score of 330 points or more, you will have the option to either receive a 25% cash hunt refund, or a 50% hunt credit valid on any return hunt date for up to 3 subsequent years.

Rifle Hunt Dates: Any 5 consecutive days from December 1 to Dec. 31, 2020.
Fully guided, 2 on 1 hunt, 5 day Rifle Hunt & Permit Fee: $8,500.00 Plus a $1,000.00 kill fee on any bull with an SCI score of 350 points or more. No kill fee for any bull scoring below 350 SCI Points

“No Trophy Fee on Bulls UNDER 350 SCI points” This offer is not good with any other offer or discount. Hunt dates are controlled by the NMDG&F and are subject to occasional changes beyond our control.

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